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The roll includes real property — land, homes and buildings — along with boats, aircraft and business property such as office and manufacturing equipment.

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It excludes tax-exempt property owned by hospitals, colleges and other nonprofits; and property that is not taxable, including most government property. Property taxes go to schools, county programs such as sheriffs, jails, courts and social services; and to cities within each county.

San-Francisco-County Property Tax Records - San-Francisco-County Property Taxes CA

Over the past week most Bay Area county assessors have reported their roll for fiscal , which started July 1. This is the assessed value, as of Jan.

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  • When we went from the dot-com boom to the dot-com bust, some tenants went belly up or walked away from their lease obligations. That is a different type of stability going forward that we never had before. He added that San Jose is finally getting the kind of high-value commercial and industrial development that in the past went to places like Santa Clara, Sunnyvale and Mountain View.

    Google has been gobbling up property in downtown San Jose, some from the city at prices far above their previous assessments. The biggest residential sale was an estate at Corte Madera Ave.

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    When the market value of a home falls below its assessed value, homeowners can request a temporary reduction in assessed value. This is known as a Proposition 8 reduction, and during the recession, hundreds of thousands of Bay Area homes got them, some automatically. As prices recover, the assessor can raise the assessment of a home in Prop. This restoration in value can add significantly to the roll in some counties.

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    Contra Costa County still has about 20, homes with a Prop. By comparison, San Mateo County has only homes in Prop.

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    • Solano County still has about 8, homes in Prop. As of Jan. When those properties are replaced, the assessor restores them to their pre-fire value, and does not reassess them unless they have a new owner.

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      Tax Deadlines. Dec Feb Mar Regulatory License Renewal Payment Due. Then the phone calls start.

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