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June 20, August 12, Dorothy Holder, fka Dorothy Phillips. September 30, Wanda Traugh. December 20, Bill F. Reeves and wife, Phyllis N. Subject to:.

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Midland County, Texas. Oil and Gas Lease dated May 3, , from R. Insofar and only insofar, as the above described Lease No.

42nd Circuit Court

Haley No. A Lea County, New Mexico. Oil and Gas leases:. State of New Mexico. Survey, below the depth of 10, feet. Logan County, Arkansas. The interests set forth below in the following-described leases covering the hereinafter described portions of Section 16, Township 6 North, Range 28 West, Logan County, Arkansas:.

Bryce Leigh Williams Reveley.

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  4. Edna E. Paul Cotner. June Cotner. Gordon A. Monroe Cotner. Genevieve M.

    Paula Rae Mitzell. James K. John J. Wanda A. Ada Inex Taylor. Madge Harp. Luther C. Anna B. Glasscock County, Texas. Fannin, as Lessor, and K. Cole, as Lessor, and K. Fannin, Jr. Thomas, Jr. Phipps, as Lessor, and K. BELL C 1. BELL C 3. BELL C 4. Andrews County, Texas.

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    The Texas Company. Book 18, Page , Upton County, Texas. Survey, limited to interval between 2, feet to base of the. Upper Ellenburger formation defined as a depth approximately 10, feet below. Sun Exploration and Production J. Lane 1 Well located feet FNL and. Survey, Upton.

    Texas Secretary of State, Statutory Documents Section:

    County, Texas. Union Oil Company of California. Crane County, Texas. The State of Texas. Texas Gulf Producing Company. Lands covered:.

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    July 12, The Granger Family Limited Partnership, et al. That certain 40 acre unit around the John M. Lease No. Maggie J. Tidwell, et vir. TXO Production Corp. Instrument Dated:. Book , Page Lands Subject to Conveyance:. Bertha J. Spoonemore, et vir. Alice Jordan. Nellie J. Louise Hord. Emmitt Roy Jordan. Turner, et ux. Lewis R. Kerr, et ux. Imogene W. All of the above leases are limited in depth as to the Wolfcamp formation only. Yoakum County, Texas. January 18, Alma Lynn Been McGinty, et al.

    Sam L. John H. Gibson Survey, Yoakum County, Texas. September 11, May 9, Mike Field, et al. Hughes Eastern Corporation. May 10, Vernon A.

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    Townes, et ux. May 16, Jerry Corbin. Sue Holder. Ruth Turner. Book 17, Page Neville G. Survey, A, Upton County, Texas. Borden County, Texas. Capps Oil Corp. Volume , Page Search official court dockets for criminal cases identifiable with a person or organization by judge.

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