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Once you determine that you have an outstanding warrant you will want to go through the necessary steps to resolve it. One way to deal with a warrant is to contact the clerk magistrate's office where the record resides. You can do this yourself if the warrant is not too serious in nature by paying outstanding fines or scheduling a court appearance. The department is responsible for maintaining criminal history information and to provide citizens access to public records upon request. Their website contains Florida warrant information as reported to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and offers multiple resources to search warrants and criminal records throughout the state.

Florida State Records

Please note, there is a fee to obtain a criminal history record. Their database includes criminal history information solely for the state of Florida and records are updated continuously for the most current and accurate information. Note that records which have been expunged or sealed will not show up in their database. The exception to this is juvenile criminal records that have not been sealed.

Those types of records will be searchable if the individual was arrested for an offense that would be considered a felony if the subject had committed the same crime as an adult. When running a search a list of possible profiles that fit the search criteria you entered will be provided. It's the users responsibility to determine if any of the profiles match the person they're searching for. The accuracy of the information you provide is critical to getting correct results so be sure to fill out the form as completely as possible.

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You will be prompted to set up an account with your address and email information before gaining access to the search page. Your search results will be displayed on your browser or can be emailed to the email address you provide.

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Note, that any search results will not be mailed to you. All results are electronic only. If you're searching for information on wanted persons, missing persons, or stolen property, the Florida Crime Information Center FCIS is the place to go. Their online sources are provided by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement as reported by law enforcement agencies state wide and is updated every 24 hours. The main goal of the FCIS is to allow the public to assist law enforcement agencies with ongoing investigations. From their link you can search for wanted persons, missing persons, stolen vehicles, stolen license plates, stolen guns, and more.

There is some restriction on what records are available for public view.

Clerk & Comptroller, Palm Beach County

If you have trouble finding records using their search tool it doesn't mean one doesn't exist. If you have a warrant in your name in Florida, know that law enforcement agencies in the state have access to all current warrants. If you come into contact with the law for any other reason, that warrant will show up in your name and they will have no other choice but to arrest you. Once you have been convicted of a crime then you have what is called a criminal or arrest record in your name.

Any time you apply for a job, an apartment or any other circumstance that a background check may be requested, that criminal record will show up. It's important to know what your personal background history says about you so you can be informed and prepared as to how it may effect your chances of getting a job, a place of residence, security clearance, etc. For the convenience of it's citizens, the FDLE published a FAQ of questions and answers to assist you in accessing and handling warrant and criminal records in Florida. It provides information on a range of topics from sealing and expunging records to clemency and pardons.

Since the information is provided by the government of Florida, it's valuable information for anyone with a criminal record in the state. Sealing and expunging records has a direct effect on who can view them. Having a criminal record sealed means the record will not be available for public view. However, certain government agencies may gain access to sealed records if necessary.

Once a record has been expunged, these same agencies won't have access to expunged records unless they obtain a court order first to do so. In Florida, not all records can be sealed or expunged. If you're not sure how to get a record removed from your file, the best thing you can do is hire a criminal lawyer to help you in removing any record. You can see what crime a person was charged with, arresting date, name and more.

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Collier County Arrests — Search recent arrests in Collier County Florida by name, date of birth, booking date or booking number. You can also view a list of people who were arrested today. This database like most arrest databases in Florida makes it very simple to see if someone was charged with a crime like murder, burglary and other felonies. Located in Naples, FL.

This will help you find out if someone is a convicted felon or if a person you know has a criminal past. Located in Lake City, FL.

Public Records Request

Great resource. Located in Arcadia, FL. DeSoto Crime Reports — Search by address or location to view incidents. Dixie County Detention Center — Details about the booking process, visitation information and phone numbers to call so you can see if someone has been arrested. Located in Cross City, Fl.

Located in Jacksonville, FL. This makes it very easy to see if someone you know was arrested or currently in jail. View inmate mugshots, charges, booking date and more. Easily see who has been arrested in the last 24 hours or this past week. Located in Pensacola, FL. Flagler County Inmate Search — Search the inmate database to see if someone is currently in custody or if they have been released. Located in Bunnell, FL. Franklin County Arrests — View names, mugshots and charges of people recently arrested. Located in East Point, FL. Located in Quincy, FL. Located in Trenton, FL. This arrest database makes it easy to check the status of current and past inmates.

Located in Moore Haven, FL. Gulf County Detention Center — Detention center contact information so you can see if someone is in jail or not.

Florida warrants for arrest search

See booking photos, physical description of those charged and more. Located in Jasper, FL. This is done by providing the public with a means to phone in tips anonymously and receive rewards for information that leads to an arrest. Hardee County Detention Division — Resources for inmates, arrest records, background checks and more.

Located in Wauchula, FL. Hendry County Inmate and Arrest Search — Use the jail and arrest database to find people who are currently locked up. Located in LaBelle, FL.

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Hernando County Detention Center — Use the database to search people who have recently been released from jail or those currently housed.