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But they stopped short of allowing expungements for convictions of certain drug trafficking crimes, DUI, assault, or a sex offense. These efforts ignited a groundswell of support networks aimed at helping people clean their criminal records — philanthropists have pledged money and nonprofits are hosting clinics to guide people through the process.

Jones declined to be interviewed. But she disagreed that the fees related to expungement are waivable. Eckerle said expungement is optional and the costs are not unwillingly imposed on someone. Moreover, legislators who wrote the law did not specifically say the fee could be waived, Eckerle wrote in her opinion. For this, she said Jones had to pay up if he wanted to rid the conviction from his record.

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The Kentucky Court of Appeals unanimously agreed with Eckerle. The ruling comes at a time in Louisville when expungements are in high demand.

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And more than people are signed up to attend an expungement clinic run by the Louisville Urban League on Saturday at Roosevelt-Perry Elementary School. Reynolds, a leading advocate for expungement, said the ruling amounts to socio-economic discrimination.

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Since , the Legal Aid Society in Louisville has assisted more than 1, people seeking expungements, according to Stewart Pope, the advocacy director the the Legal Aid Society in Louisville. Republican Sen.

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Jimmy Higdon says his bill reflects society's belief in giving people "second chances. Higdon says there are safeguards in the bill. It wouldn't apply to people convicted of public corruption, sex offenses, crimes against children or violent crimes.

Prosecutors could object to expungement applications and present arguments at hearings along with crime victims. Whether to grant an expungement would be left up to a judge. Politics Top Stories Latest News.

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