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Claim An Indianapolis woman give birth to 17 children at once. Rating False About this rating.

USA: Mother Gives Birth to 17 Babies at Once!

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    Extreme Moms: 6 Record-Breaking Mothers

    You rely on Snopes, and we rely on you. An unbelievable story claiming that a woman in the United States gave birth to 17 identical boys in a single pregnancy is doing the rounds on social media. The viral post has three images and a story written to it.

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    One of the photos shows a woman with an abnormally swollen belly, and the other two show many babies the third one features a man too. The post, put up by Facebook user Richard Camarinta Dy , says that one Catherine Bridge holds the World Record for delivering the most babies in one pregnancy.

    The viral post was created from a fictional article written by World News Daily Report, a satirical website. The viral post was shared by Richard Camarinta Dy on May It has already been shared by more than 33, users at the time of filing this story.

    No, this is not a genuine photo of a woman who gave birth to 17 babies

    In the post, Richard Camarinta Dy also shared the article link from a website called Women Daily Magazine , which describes the same story. World News Daily Report is a satirical fake news website which publishes cooked-up stories for fun. We also found that the pictures attached with the viral post are misleading. The one in which the pregnant lady can be seen with a swollen belly is morphed.