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Update My eyes are blue and when I was younger my hair was a dirty blond, now it seems to be more brown. I am approx 5'3" tall.

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I was adopted when I was a baby, I think when it was finalized I was around 3 months old. Growing up it was never hidden from me that I was adopted. They also believed that that my birth father may have been a married man. The other thing that I do know at this time is I was born by a C-section. All Other Information: I have hazel eyes and brown hair, but was born blonde. All Other Information: Dr.

Snyeder delivered me grandview hospital.. Email Address: sweetandmean73 aol. Adoptee Birth Hospital: St. Not to disrupt anyone's life, just for any records that I may be able to obtain to help me understand something's that I have encountered. My adoptive family thinks that I am bi-racial due to my fair complexion. Email Address: sue. Do not want to upset anyone in this search. Born at a. Possibly Dr.

I was in a foster home for 2 months before officially coming to my adoptive parents on She was 5'8" tall, with brown eyes and auburn hair. She is of Welsh and German and maybe Italian descent. She was undecided for 2 months. I was officially adopted court date when I was 8 or 9 months old 1-?

The adoption was not through an agency, but through Mahoning County. My adoptive parents jumped from the bottom of the list to the top because of backgrounds of Welsh, German, and Italian.

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The social worker would be long gone by now. Birth mother was a student at Youngstown College and he was a professor there. No contact please with adoptive parents. Contact me first.

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Update Birth father had green eyes and was fair complexion. All Other Information: My birth mother was aprox. My adoptive parents went through an adoption agency. My adoption and my adoptive brothers adoption was done by the same judge on the same day, he was born the records should be to the court house closest to Geauga County, I believe that is Chardon or Burton. My adoptive parents are Amish. The agency rep is Thema K. Flower executive director The notary is Pauline Clawson. These papers were signed and handed to my A-parents on The agency pediatrician was L.

Rolunson, MD This paper states if any questions arrise they are in a position to contact the proper people. My actual birth weight was 6 lbs 7 oz. Jefferson Keener Jr. Twinsburg, Ohio phone and the Barberton Office W.

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Wooster Rd. Robinson, MD. My adoption was finalized Case A My mothers maiden name was Butler. I was adopted through Family services.

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My AP's were contacted after I was born. BP's were approx She has a brother. I was not named but have found her last name was Butler. Her and my birthfather were both I was adopted right from the hospital. I know she had a brother who had kidney problems. On mothers side: maternal grandmother had twins that died at birth. Maternal Great Grandmother died of heart attack at 78 maternal great grandfather died of a heart attack at Most of these names don't match her description of Blonde hair and green eyes.

I confirmed that again today. All Other Information: We my twin brother Stefan Bridenbaugh and I, Steven were adopted out of Preble county after spending several months in foster care. My grandmother, Hazel Blumenstock, helped my adopted mother in her search. We were the only twins in the state of Ohio born on We were told our birth mother would have kept us if it was a single birth. She only adopted us out if we were to stay together. Update My twin brother and I have blue eyes and white blonde hair at birth.

Now our hair is brown. City adoption took place: Cleveland. Email Address: lisabrowns hotmail. Adoptee Birth City: Dayton or Kettering,? City adoption took place:?. Email Address: beaniesue92 yahoo. Last Updated: Adoption Agency or Attorney: Agency? Told that some Nuns took care of me for awhile. And called my Holly. Not sure on the Spelling. It was an Adoption Agency, on High Street.

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I am white. Brown Hair. Hazel Eyes. Birth Certificate said USU All Other Information: I was born two months premature. I weighed 2 lbs. My mother had preclampsia Sp? Spent a month in an incubator. I believe I was born at a. I can't find my birth certificate right now and yes i'm panicked. I could be wrong. My birth mother was somewhere between when I was born, I believe that was a rough guess. Apparently she told my caseworker to tell whomever adopted me her name. I was put into Franklin County's foster care system. My parents were the only ones that would accept such a tiny sick baby as a foster child out of the ones they contacted before my parents agreed.

They are the only family I have ever lived with.

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I was taken in as a foster child, and later adopted by them. I think they started the proceedings within the year.

I just turned 37 ten days ago. I'm five foot three and three quarters inches tall. I have When it's not dyed light dishwater brown hair that's rapidly graying , and olive green eyes with forest green flecks. That my birth grandmother had Uterine Cancer, and it was possible that my birth grandfather was an alcoholic. I might have two aunts as well.

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  4. One might have been raped, and also gotten pregnant. As my doctor kept the information I don't remember anything but her first name now , and it's been so long, everything's a bit fuzzy. I also learned that my birth father refused to even sign the papers to give me up for adoption, muchless come to the hospital. I know nothing about him. I don't even know if he regrets what he did as a teenager. So they were probably both single by the time I was born.